Global Media Group Referral Program

As a valued Global Media Group customer, we are offering you an opportunity to earn $100
credit memos for referrals. It’s a great way to lower the cost of new or existing hotels!
Here are the details…

You send us a referral, not to be confused with another one of YOUR stores. It
may be an associate or franchisee within your organization or a completely
different company.

For every signed Advertiser Agreement we receive from your referrals, we will
issue a $100 credit memo to you. (Referral credits are only issued for initial
agreements— not on their subsequent renewals.)

You may use these $100 credit memos towards any of your Global Media
Group invoices.

There is no restriction on how or when you use the credit memos. In other
words, you can add them together and use all you have accumulated on a
single Global Media Group invoice, or spread them out on several as needed.
It’s up to you!

The referral program is available to any and all Global Media Group customers,
even those you have referred.

It pays to use Global Media Group!