Managed Hotel Room Key Program

The Global Media Group Difference

Many of our advertisers have asked: What is the difference between “Stand Alone Room Keys” and the “Managed Hotel Room Key Program”. Below are just some of the key features of the “Managed Hotel Room Key Program”.

  1. We communicate with the hotels directly for you. We also “qualify” the properties and weed out the ones that a key card program wouldn’t be effective in.
  2. We have the hotel sign an exclusive one-year contract–which means that no other keys with advertising can be used during that time period (in some cases, hotels need to also use 1 “hotel branded key”).
  3. Direct Dial Hotel Phone Programming. In some cases, we pay to have our phone technicians program your phone number into a “Speed Dial” from the hotel’s guest room phones. Guests will be more likely to call you when they don’t have to pay for a call from their room or use their cell phone!
  4. Latest Key Technology Supported. We confirm the specific key and lock type the hotels are using to ensure your keys have the correct key type “Magnetic Stripe” or “RFID chip” for the hotels specific locks.
  5. Fixed Price Annually Per Hotel. Each hotel is priced individually (no hidden cost). You pay one rate for the entire 12 month term.
  6. Competitive Pricing. Because we produce millions of keys, the cost of our “Managed Room Key Program” is comparable to “Stand Alone Keys” elsewhere. Let us take care of everything!
  7. Program Management. Since we manage the program for you, at the end of a 12-month term you will have easy to understand information about ROI, overall value and how effective the program is.
    • You know your key was given to every guest for 12 complete months.
    • You know the set price you paid for the program.
    • You know how much business you did from the hotel.

With our comprehensive program covering all the details for you and managing them on your behalf, your business become free to do what they do best; knowing their hotel programs are handled and producing results!

As each hotel is unique in their size, demographics, occupancy, lock type and key usage, guest data and possible response rates will vary for each hotel.

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